Reboxetine (Edronax, Norebox, Prolift, Solvex, Vestra)

Reboxetine is a new type of antidepressant that works primarily on norepinephrine instead of on serotonin. It is not available in the United States.

The Bottom Line: What You Really Need to Know


Reboxetine is used to treat depression. It is also effective for narcolepsy, panic disease and chronic pain. It is helpful for treating people who have Parkinson's disease and depression.

Dosage and instructions

The initial dose of reboxetine is 4 mg twice a day. After 3 weeks it can be increased to a total of 10 mg/day if needed. It takes two weeks or more for the full effect to be felt.

Elderly people should begin with 2 mg twice a day, which can be increased to a total of 6 mg/day after three weeks if necessary.

The dose should be decreased in people with liver or kidney disease.

How reboxetine works

Depression is thought to be caused by imbalances in neurochemicals at the nerve endings. Reboxetine increases the amount of norepinephrine by preventing its reabsorption. Norepinephrine may be involved in maintaining drive, vigilance, attention and motivation, which are often diminished in depression.

Reboxetine has little or no effect on other neurotransmitters.

Side effects

The side effects that can occur with reboxetine are:


It is not clear which medications actually interact with reboxetine and which ones could interact with it on the basis of chemistry. The list of medications that may cause interactions includes:

On the other hand, some sources say that reboxetine can safely be used to augment SSRI antidepressants because they do not interact. Some say that reboxetine could even be safe to take with MAOI antidepressants and could be used to augment them.


Robexetine should not be discontinued abruptly; the dose should be tapered gradually over several weeks.

Warnings, precautions and contraindications

Suicide risk: There is an increased risk of suicide with all antidepressants. Careful monitoring is necessary during the first several weeks of therapy that includes weekly physician or therapist visits and daily observation by friends or family. Any unusual symptoms, mood changes, behaviors or thoughts should be reported immediately to the physician.

MAOIs: It is not known if reboxetine interacts with MAOIs like other antidepressants. The interaction with MAOIs can be very serious and can result in death, so it is recommended that reboxetine not be taken within two weeks of taking a MAOI antidepressant.

Mania: Reboxetine can trigger manic episodes in people who have bipolar disease. The mania can be severe and can include rapid cycling and psychotic features.

Reboxetine has the potential to cause seizures and should not be taken by people who have a seizure disorder.

Reboxetine should be used with caution in people who have glaucoma or an enlarged prostate.

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